Lesson 18 - Euthenasia

Pastor: Harry M. Krolus


I.    What are your first thoughts regarding euthanasia?

II.    Can you think of any situation where this might possibly be a good thing?

III.    What do the following passages say about life as a gift of God?

A. 1 Corinthians 15:26

B. John 19:30

C. Genesis 2:7

D. Philippians 1:23

E. 2 Timothy 4:6

IV.    How are life and death regarded in view of redemption?

A. Colossians 1:24

B. John 10:10

V.    How can life and death be viewed in light of sanctification?

A. Matthew 25:35-40

B. Romans 8:22-26

VI.    Questions to ponder

A. How does the Christian view of suffering impact our position on euthanasia?

B. What role does faith play when confronted with human suffering?

  September 2021  
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