Lesson 21 - God's Use Of Evil

Pastor: Harry M. Krolus

God’s Use Of Evil

I.    Introduction

A. Review the main points of our study last week

B. Can you think of anytime when evil has been used in some way for the good?

II.    Read Habakkuk’s 1:5-11

A. What are these verses a reply to?

B. Is this a normal way for God to answer someone’s prayer or complaint?

C. Can the Babylonians be viewed as God’s instrument?

III.    Read Genesis 37:26-28

A. Why was Joseph sold by his brothers?

B. How would you describe what they did?

IV.    Read Genesis 45:4-7

A. Put yourself in Joseph’s brothers shoes. What would you be feeling and thinking?

B. How can you explain Joseph’s affection for his brothers, especially in light of what they did to him?

V.    Read Acts 2:22-23

A. How is Jesus’ death explained here?

B. Because God knows something is going to happen, does it mean that he caused it to happen?

VI.    Read Habakkuk 1:12-17

A. What names does Habakkuk call God? What does this say about Habakkuk and why is this important?


B. How are the Babylonians described, and how does this fit in with God?


C. What problem is Habakkuk trying to reconcile?


D. What is God telling Habakkuk, and us, in 2:4?

VII.    Questions to ponder

A. What problems to we have reconciling the holiness of God with evil in the world?

B. Does Government represent the hand of God? If so, in what respect?

C. Who is ultimately in control of history?

D. What is the difference between believing in a higher being and believing in God as revealed in the Bible

E. Why is the peace that God gives beyond understanding?

  September 2021  
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