Lesson 23 - Christian Citizenship

Pastor: Harry M. Krolus


I.    Introduction

A. What are some of the social and political issues of our time?

B. What guides us as to where we stand on these various issues?

II.     What is the purpose of government and our responsibility as citizens?

A. Romans 13:1

B. Ezra 7:26

C. 1 Peter 2:13-14

D. Titus 3:1

E. 1 Peter 2:17

F. Acts 23:5

G. 2 Samuel 10:6-12

H. Matthew 22:21

I. Romans 13:6-7

J. 1 Peter 2:11-12

K. Romans 13:8

III.    What are some of the responsibilities of rulers?

A. 2 Samuel 23:3

B. Proverbs 20:28

C. Proverbs 29:4

D. Proverbs 29:14

E. Psalm 2:10-11

F. Ezekiel 45:9

IV.    When might civil disobedience be permitted?

A. Acts 5:29

B. Acts 4:18-20

C. Mathew 21:12-13

V.    Questions to ponder

A. Ought Christians get involved in civil disobedience of any kind?

B. How ought Christians respond to violent and disrespectful protests, even if the cause seems just?

C. Why does egoism (self interests become the foundation for one’s morality) often fuel the fires of civil disobedience?

D. How are we to keep our egos in check?

E. What is always to be our guide, even in civil and political matters?

  September 2021  
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