Lesson 32 Epiphany

Pastor: Harry M. Krolus


I. Read Matthew 2:1-12

A. Matthew has not yet mentioned the town of Nazareth. Why do you think this is so? (See John 7:42)

B. What words and images come to mind when reading this passage?

C. We are told that the wise men came from the east. Why did they come?

D. Who were the wise men, and how did they know to follow the star?

E. What was the star that they followed?

F. This passage is the Bible’s first mention of King Herod. Herod the Great ruled from around 40-1 B.C. What do we know about him

G. How does this help us understand what Matthew says in 2:3, “and all Jerusalem with him”?

H. What does verse 4 indicate about Herod?

I. Why does Herod want to know “the exact time the star had appeared?” (See verse 16).

J. Why do you think Herod chose to take such a passive approach to discovering Jesus?

K. How do the magi outwit Herod?

II.    Questions for thought

A. Why do you think God chose this account to be included in Scripture?

B. Why is it important to differentiate between tradition and Scriptural truth?

C. Is there any significance to the gifts of the Magi?


  September 2021  
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