Lesson 35 Favoritism Forbidden

LESSON 3(35)
JAMES 2:1-13


I.    Read James chapter 2:1-4.

A. What practical example did James use to illustrate how favoritism was practiced in the church?  

B. Why is favoritism to the rich inconsistent with believing in Christ?

C. In what ways do adults continue to play favorites at home, at work or in Government?

II.    Read James Chapter 2:5-7

A. What has God promised to the poor of this world?

B. Why do you think God gives such a priority to the poor? Why doesn’t God just simply bless them with more material things?

C. How does God’s view of wealth compare with your view? In what specific areas do you need to align your thinking about wealth and poverty with God’s?

III.    Read James Chapter 2:8-13.

A. Think of someone who God has brought into your life who is unattractive or seems to have little to offer you. Sometimes this type of person is easy to ignoring. What can be done to change our perspective?

B. What will happen to those of us who have not shown mercy to the needy? (See Matthew 5:7, and Luke 6:38)

IV.    The Main Thrust

A. What is James main point in 2:1-13?

B. What one truth from 2:1-13 impresses you as something you need to apply?

C. How can you apply this truth to your walk practically?

D. In the context of 2:1-13 what kind of mercy is James saying we should practice?

E. How does Jesus treated the poor and the working class?

1.Luke 5:27-31

2.Luke 14:12-14

3. Luke 5:1-7.

V.     Questions for thought

A. What help do the following passages give concerning what we have studied tonight?

1. Exodus 23:2-3

2. Leviticus 19:15

3. 1 Timothy 5:21

4. 1 John 4:20

B. Why is it so hard not to show favoritism?


C. What does it mean to treat others equally?


D. Does treating others equally always mean treating them the same?

  August 2021  
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