Lesson 39 - Submit Yourself To God

LESSON 7 (39)
Submit Yourself To God
JAMES 4:1-10

I. Read James 4:1-3

A. What does the Bible mean when it says a war is waging inside of us?


B. When we ask God for things, why do we often not get what we want?  


C. What are the wrong motives for prayer?  


II.  Read James 4:4-5.

A. What is the connection between our relationship with God and our relationship with people?


B. Why is it impossible to be a friend of the world and a friend of God at the same time?


III. Read James 4:6.

A. Why does God oppose people who are proud?


B. What is the difference between pride and a sense of accomplishment?


IV. Read James 4:7-8.

A. What is involved in humbling yourself before God?   


B. When God’s presence in not felt, what might be the root cause?


V. Read James 4:9-10

A. How did James describe the way we should come to God?


B. How does the Lord lift us up?

VI. What help do the following passages give concerning what we have studied tonight?

A.Psalm 62:8 -

B. Psalm 143:8 -

C. Isaiah 25:9 -

D. Nahum 1:7 -

E. Romans 10:11

F. Proverbs 3:5

VII. Questions To Ponder

A . From your own personal experience and your knowledge of the Word, what are some of the symptoms of friendship with the world?


B. How does pride show up in our work? Home?  Church?  Community?


C.  What should we do when God seems so far away?

  August 2021  
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