Lesson 42 Patience In Suffering

LESSON 10 (42)
Patience In Suffering
JAMES 5:7-12

I. Read James 5:7

A. Why should believers be motivated to patiently endure?

B. How does the illustration of a farmer show the importance of patience?


II. Read James 5:8-9

A. What do and don’t we know about the time of Christ’s return? (See Matthew 24:26-27, 36-30)

B. Why should expecting the Lord’s coming make us more patient with others?

C. Why should the upcoming Day of Judgment be an incentive for patient living?


III. Read James 5:10-11

A. Remember Job’s experience of perseverance in suffering. How is his example an encouragement for us?

B. What is the difference between patience and perseverance? Which is more difficult for you?


IV. Read James 5:12

A. What warning did James give concerning swearing?

B. What does swearing, especially by using God’s name; do to a person’s witness before unbelievers? Why?

V. What do the following passages add to our discussion?

A. Romans 2:7

B. Romans 5:3

C. Hebrews 10:36-37

D. Romans 12:19-20

E. James 1:19

F. 2 Peter 3:9-12


VI. Questions to ponder.

A. How does God use others to build patience in our lives?

B. Patience is not a quality we naturally possess. How can we acquire it? (See Galatians 5:22-23)

C. Why does a God “full of tenderness and mercy” allow His people to experience suffering?

D. Think of a time when you persevered in spite of difficult circumstances. What were the rewards of your perseverance?

E. What does it mean to be patient with ourselves; with others; and with suffering?


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