Lesson 50 - Every Person Matters

Every Person Matters

I. What is to be learned from God’s covenant with Abraham as found in Genesis 12:2-3?

II. How do the following passages support the covenant God made with Abraham?

A. Acts 10:9-28

B. Matthew 28:19-20

III. What do the following passages tell us about the inclusiveness of God’s love?

A. Luke 10:30-37

B. Luke 17:11-19

C. John 4:7-10

D. Acts 8:26-40

IV. Does God really care about us individually?

A. Luke 15:4-7

B. Mark 8:34-37

C. Matthew 19:16-21

D. Luke 19:1-10

V. As people of faith, what are we reminded of in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

VIII. Questions to Ponder

A. What kind of battle are we really facing when in comes to making divisions among people based on the color of their skin, gender, or anything else?

B. What can we do to resist policies or ideas that foster division?

  May 2022  
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